Procedural Price List


Procedures and Additional Services:

(Subject to change)

$30 Cryo freezing of skin lesion

$50 Punch/Excision biopsy of skin lesion

$75 Laceration Repair (1 – 2 cm)

$100 Laceration Repair (2 – 6 cm)

$150 Laceration Repair (> 6 cm)

$125 Ingrown Toenail/Toenail Removal

$125 Abscess Incision and Drainage

$75 Initial BioTe Consult (Male/Female)

$340 BioTe Pellets (Female)

$715 Biote Pellets (Male)

$39 Biote DIM Neutraceuticals

$33 Vitamin ADK 5 & ADK 10

$25 Biote Probiotics

$72 Biote Artesoril;

$25 Albuterol/Duoneb/Racemic Epinephrine Breathing Treatments

$75 Joint Injections/Aspirations, Immunizations

Reduced-cost Injections with Antibiotics and Steroids, Point of Care Laboratory Studies, including Rapid Strep, Influenza, COVID, RSV, Urinalysis, Urine Pregnancy Test, Urine Drug Screen, Fecal Occult Blood

Reduced Pap Smear costs for female annual exams

Select IV Infusion Services (Pricing discussed and dependent upon selected infusions)

$90 for a Department of Transportation (DOT) Exam + Reduced-Cost Laboratory Studies