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What advantages does the Bridge Clinics offer to those without insurance?

The Bridge Clinics offer advantages to those without insurance, including affordable rates, quality health services, and convenience. The clinics provide care at an affordable cost with no insurance needed, so people can get the help they need right away. The Bridge Clinics offer monthly and annually  memberships for quality medical care, as their providers are highly trained and experienced.

What are The Bridge Clinics memberships?

The Bridge Clinics membership is a cost effective healthcare solution. All memberships include 1 Free Annual Exam and 1 Free Telephone Consult per month, including after hours calls, Cash Prices for Labs and for Scheduled Radiology Exams with Radiology Outpatient Clinics in Abilene and Midland (Excludes DFW IV Infusion Services).

Do you have to be a member of The Bridge Clinics?

You do not have to be a member of the bridge clinic to come in! Although being a member and having a membership has special perks that are worth looking into.

How do the memberships at The Bridge Clinics work?

Pay one affordable monthly fee directly to The Bridge Clinic. We provide all of your primary care services at no extra cost. Our memberships are based upon the number of patients we are able to send to our vendors. More members equals lower costs for you, the patient.

How do I make an appointment at The Bridge Clinics?

To make an appointment at The Bridge Clinics, you can contact the clinic directly by telephone. You can find the contact information for the clinic on their website, under the locations tab. You can also book online under the locations tab in the website. When you contact the clinic, a staff member will be able to assist you in making an appointment.