This policy refers to online purchase of memberships only. The price list is included on the Services page is for convenience but not inclusive and is subject to change. A full and proper list is located in the office. Those purchases are unavailable on the website and are conducted at P-O-S in the clinic and all payments are due at time of service.

1) There will be no refunds for monthly memberships, but a patient may cancel their ongoing monthly membership transactions at any time.

2) Yearly membership dues paid in full can be refunded the following month from the date that the service was initiated. The refund will consist of the remaining months of the membership and will be prorated accordingly.

3) There will be no refunds for acute appointments after care is provided and costs of visits will be known before the transaction occurs. Transparent cash prices and costs of laboratory studies will be known before the specimens are collected. This allows members to direct their health care costs with physician and provider guidance.

4) To receive membership benefits and pricing, membership dues must be current.

If there are questions regarding any refunds or processing concerns, please contact the office in writing or by email at: